K-Stash: Smart, organized bookmarks

Are you a developer, student or a researcher?
It's time to properly store your knowledge.

The process

The process

You need something, so you make your researches on the web until you find the right article or post that helps you...


The topic

It's the problem you are going to dig into.
It's the fact you want to learn more about.


The resource

That web link answering to your question. An article, post, forum comment.

Time consuming process

You can gather a lot of stuff



What if you needed that particular resource, about that old, particular topic? You start researching, again, but...

Waste of time

The process might fail


Your knowledge stash.
The home for all the useful resources you find on the web.
The smart alternative for your bookmarks.
Do not waste time researching old stuff, optimise your productivity!


4 plans, for every need.
Pay once per year. No auto renewals.
Want to upgrade the plan? Just pay the difference.

Beta sales are here!

Only during the beta, plans are on sale!

On-sale prices will apply for future renewals too (choose wisely your plan)!

More information

The founder: Mauro, aka mascIT, computer scientist (BSc), currently studying AI.

Find more about me on LinkedIn and Github.

Contact me via email or Telegram.

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